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VP of Sales and Marketing for a Global Digital Commerce Agency

Dmitriy has been a phenomenal resource for us. He has provided us with many high quality candidates to fill our technical positions. His people are always on the mark and well screened. I highly recommend working with him for resourcing needs.




Founder, Chairman at a Non-profit Agency

Dmitriy is an exceptional sales person, a dedicated business manager, and an effective leader. We came to Dmitriy with an extraordinarily unique human resource challenge - to aggregate a team of highly specialized web developers in no time flat. GTechNY responded quickly and produced excellent results. The candidates entirely exceeded expectations. I would recommend GTechNY without reservation.



Senior Human Resources Manager at a Global Informatics Firm

Dmitriy has been an excellent resource for our company. in placing technical candidates. He has been very responsive and professional in managing our business. His expertise and candid approach make it a pleasure to work with GTechNY. I highly recommend GTechNY.





CEO/Co-founder at Software Company

Dmitriy is on a very short list of recruiters who I frequently use for my staffing needs. He has a high level of integrity and he doesn't rest until the positions are filled. The candidates he submits qualified and exact to my specification. He knows boundaries well, and doesn't pester.




Senior System Administrator at a Healthcare facility

Dmitriy is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with, probably simply the best one. He is a real expert in placing technical candidates as well as in human relationships so it has always been a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend GTechNY as a human resource agency.



Analyst at a Major Hospital

Dmitriy helped me find my current position, and was an immense help in the process. Dmitriy took a personal hand in preparing me for the interview process and really helped me feel confident.





Lead Software Engineer at a Leading News Agency

Dmitriy is a very good recruiter who can find very special companies for very special people like me. He helped me and some of my friends to find interesting jobs. He is doing very good job even when job market is down or slow. GTechNY is my primary agency when I'm on the market and looking for great new opportunities.




Senior System Analyst at a Major Cancer Center

Dmitriy was an excellent recruiter and negotiated the best salary for me. He was very helpful in my transition to the NYC area. He continues to analyze and seek the best positions for his clients. I highly recommend him.



Senior Director at a Major Hospital

Dmitriy has been a strategic business partner to us for a long time. Over the years, we have leveraged his services to fill key roles. He takes the time to understanding our needs and finds the right fit. I would recommend his services.



Technology Manager at an Investment Bank

Dmitriy is a highly motivated recruiter who consistently delivers high quality candidates. He takes the time to understand your needs thoroughly. Working with him over the years has always been a very good experience.



Software Engineer at a Leading AdTech Firm

Dmitriy assisted me in finding a great job. He was thorough and had my best interests in mind. He met with me and I really liked talking with him. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend him to anybody.




Director of Software Development at Trading Firm

GTechNY have supplied us with a good stream of resumes closely matching our requirements and have taken the time to refine their filtering process based on our feedback. Candidates have always come to us with a good understanding of the positions on offer and I'm very pleased to be able to recommend their services to other firms recruiting IT professionals.



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