About GTechNY

GTechNY is a comprehensive live recruiting firm; working on helping you find your ideal job or candidate. It is actually backed up by real recruiters with real qualified candidates and real urgent open positions. Whether you are growing your department or career or when life takes an unexpected turn, like a candidate resigning or a company laying you off, you will find our services extremely useful.


What separates us from others are a few things:

  1. Real contact with every hiring manager and every candidate.
  2. A true understanding of technologies and business.
  3. A genuine connection with our clients, allowing us to understand the business need behind an open role and specific goals behind a candidate job search.
  4. An open line of communication between us and you: we’ll prep every candidate well before an interview and give specific feedback, as we get it; and we’ll explain the motivation behind every candidate represented and where they are in their search.
  5. Strong ongoing relationships: once we work together, GTechNY will always be there for you, whenever your needs may change and/or questions arise.


Areas of Expertise

GTechNY specializes in placing technology and business professionals.
Our main areas of expertise include:

Back End Development: Java/J2EE, .net (C#, VB.net), others (C++, PHP, Python, etc.), most OO

Front End Development: JavaScript and its frameworks (from Angular to Bootstrap and more); HTML, CSS, ECMA ES-related technologies), LAMP (Linux, PHP, MySQL), Ruby-on-Rails, Drupal, single-page apps, and much more.

Databases: RDBMS, NoSQL; data architecture, mining, warehousing, administration; Security Master, etc.

Frameworks: Big Data, like Hadoop or Spark; J2EE, Spring, Struts, JSF; .net; general MVC; and others.

Infrastructure: DevOps; MS, Linux and Unix support, administration and engineering

Networking: Routing, WAN protocols, OSI, Security (Firewalls, pen testing, etc.), VPN, telephony, data center.

QA: regression, functional, negative testing, releases, version control, so on.


We also place business analysts, project managers, team leaders, technical writers, market data professionals, quantitative specialists, etc.)

Business arenas: trading/finance, media, technology, healthcare, entertainment and much more.


While we can not list every arena we cover, we go above and beyond to achieve the understanding of every business and technology field you cover to bring you maximum efficiency with our placement process.