• Dmitriy is unlike any recruiter I've worked with. He took an inordinate amount of time to understand what my needs were, understood my motivators, and maintained near-daily contact through the entire hiring process. He was accommodating, flexible, and thorough, and his guidance was top notch. Even after I started, he's stayed in contact to make sure the placement worked for both sides. I have the privilege of working with him on behalf of the company recruiting new candidates now. Highly recommended. Candidate placed as a Creative Technologist.

  • Dmitriy (GTechNY) is an excellent communicator. He knows how to ask the important questions and get the answers. His experience and thoroughness is evident throughout the entire hiring process. He was very re-assuring and the guidance he gave was invaluable. Even after the hire, he has been there to help. Candidate placed as a Software Developer

  • GTechNY have supplied us with a good stream of resumes closely matching our requirements and have taken the time to refine their filtering process based on our feedback. Candidates have always come to us with a good understanding of the positions on offer and I'm very pleased to be able to recommend their services to other firms recruiting IT professionals. Director of Software Development, trading firm

  • Working with GTechNY has been quite a successful experience. Despite wide-ranging market conditions, they have managed to consistently produce a strong pool of qualified applicants to a diverse range of positions in our company. Furthermore, in reference to a particular custom project which required a very specific individual and rare skill-set, I found that GTechNY was willing to take the time to understand our needs and to revise their processes to find a match. Highly recommended. Director of Operations, media marketing firm

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