Is Trump good for your chances of a new job?

Is Trump good for your chances of a new job?


Much has been said about Donald Trump over the last two years. Not only is he the President of the ‘Land of the Free’, but he is also an extremely unorthodox choice for the title.

Ronald Reagan may have been a ‘C’ student in school, and an actor in his professional life; he may have been an FBI informant against the US ‘Commis’ and divorced; but he served in the Army, albeit on limited basis and domestically, and followed FDR’s visions. When he became a governor he wanted to force ‘bums’ to work and signed a legislature authorizing abortions. Once he became the President he used mixed views to decrease the world’s nuclear arsenal and advocate against Medicare; supported the States’ rights over Federal control and invigorated the American people. And let’s not forget Reaganomics and forever changing the way the US does business – he made it easier for people to acquire debt and made us the forever the ‘consumer society’ we are now.


JFK was even more unorthodox before him. A son of a bootlegger, some say that he ‘bought’ his Presidency. He almost openly dated Marilyn Monroe, while married; hung out with questionable characters, from those labels as ‘gangsters’ to entertainment stars; and while being the most popular US President of all times, with 70% approval ratings, he was also the only US President to be assassinated in the 20th Century. During his Presidency, CIA attempted to murder Fidel Castro, but JFK probably did more for the civil rights in the US, than any other President. Unlike Lincoln he didn’t just pass laws, like the 13th Ammendmnet, abolishing slavery, but also instituted affirmative action; freed Dr. King, with his brother’s help; and used the US Army to forcefully allow equal rights to African-American citizens.


Whether you agree with JFK’s Democratic advances of the early 1960s or the Republican efforts of Reagan in the 80s, you likely readily admit that in their ways, they both cared about the people, who elected them, albeit at times to split views. They both were big on economic opportunities in the US, a wide range of freedoms, and a never-ending desire to move forward with time.


Now we get to this moment in history, attempting to answer ‘Is Trump good for your chances of a new job?’ Today is defined by constant advances. Technology changes constantly, medical and scientific discoveries are powered by that, and it presents many new challenges. For instance, as people are living longer now, with great medicine all around us, the US is facing a new obstacle. Instead of dying younger, people are living longer. During JFK, in 1961, average life expectancy for a man was 67 years. In 1983 for instance, during Reagan, men died at 71 on the average. In 2017 it was 76 for men and 81 for women, after dropping a tad for two years straight. Older people get sick more and use more of the Medicare benefits; retired on Social Security for 10+ years (minimum retirement age is 62 and currently at 66) means a hit to the Social Security reserves. How does the country allow for that to work?


We elect Donald Trump, is how. We elect a man, who laughs at disabled people; separates kids from parents, as a political maneuver; and is sued by a porn star he knew, while married to the current First Lady. We elect someone, who won’t care about the children’s tears or the pains of the elderly. We elect someone, who for the first time in history, wants to go back in time and ‘Make America Great Again’. Again! Like we stopped being great. Like we actually have been put in a ‘timeout’ by the ‘outsiders’, like China, which we propelled to economic dominance by outsourcing a lot of our manufacturing there. He wants to bring back coal and give the mine workers their jobs back. Or so it seems.


Our interest rates were at record lows of only ¼ of a percent in 2008 and are at 1.75 to 2% now, compared to the high of 20% in 1980, right before Reagan became our leader. So where does the government get the money to sustain our lavish welfare lifestyle, with programs like Social Security and Food Stamps? We start trade wars with China and cozy up to Russia. We praise Duterte and make odd agreements with Kim Jong Un, while praising Putin and attack our own law enforcement agencies, when those claim, that Russia is no friend to us. We’ve pretty much universally accepted the fact that gay marriage, abortion, and marijuana legalization will all be a part of our reality, even if many don’t think it’s right. And in the same suit we feed the over-commercialization of even our media institutions. FOX NEWS, CNN, and all in-between, are just chasing the next greatest story, just to sell more copies of a newspaper, or attract more advertisement clicks on a publication website.

Was Stormy Daniels, a porn star unknown to the world until recently, really defamed, when our President said that he never had sex with her? She’s no Monica Lewinsky. Nor is Avenatti a crusader for your liberal cause. He’d likely be just as happy fighting for Trump’s agenda, as he is for the pornstar’s.

Was Sandy Hook a hoax? Was 9/11 ‘allowed’ by the G.W. administration? As unfathomable of questions as these may be, just ask Alex Jones, and he’ll insist that those toddlers were actors, just as the Florida high school kids.

Regardless, while the public yells about the injustice at the borders, lack of healthcare for the poor, or loss of traditional jobs to automation, masses are too busy reading the news, instead of making a difference and interacting on social media. All this, so seemingly on the background, our country is busy with nothing but self-preservation, even if it means distracting constituents with awe-inspiring efforts and stories, while ‘the powers that be’ are moving the wheels of the economy.


Was the 1st term US Senator, born to a single mother in Hawaii really the best choice for the President of the entire country? Was an aging bigoted real estate NY shyster, with a propensity for flashy things and prostitutes really better, than possibly the greatest politician of our time to lead us to our next chapter? The answers are ‘yes’ to all of it. We pride ourselves on our diversity, so why are we surprised that everyone doesn’t support Bernie Sanders’ views?


As with everything in life, there is no simple answer on whether Trump’s Presidency increases your chances of landing a great job. It’s highly unlikely that the economy would have sunk under Hillary, while it flourishers under Trump. It’s also highly unlikely that trade wars with China, pulling out of the G-7 initiatives and badmouthing a charismatic leader to the north would cause for the US and world economy to crumble. Even the tax reform, adding to our national debt, didn’t make much of a dent either way. The only clear answer is that just as technology moves forward, so do we. While Trump pretends to attempt to bring coal back and claims #MAGA, he’s simply doing what our country needs done economically, like push China’s dominance back or try to open us to the mortal enemy of the Cold War. He may step on a lot of toes in the process, embarrassing himself and us, but in many ways we have no choice but to accept it. After all, with Russian election interference, inside the White House Cabinet shady dealings and special interests, embarrassing gaffes and intolerance, the unemployment is still 3.9%, not much above Germany’s, and when it comes to technology jobs it’s closer to 2%.


The question may be ‘Is Trump good for your chances of a new job?’, but the answer is that the United States of America provides plenty of opportunities, no matter who is at the top.




Dmitriy Goldin